Big me

I did a big run, and it wasn’t really all that good. I struggled with pulls, was overwhelmed with quest order and didn’t feel like I did a good job. I blundered my way to a 2/580.

It turns out that sauce synergy isn’t the replacement for the Megadrone that I hoped; I found myself struggling to tune my spells (needed the imp ring, of course) and once I could get reliable splashbacks, the refunded MP was less that what I had just spent on spells. I figured out that I really did need the +50% spell damage from the juju mask to boost the spells to the 37-40 refund range, because the refund is based on damage of the second spell, rather than the base MP cost.

I also found that the slimeling was just fine for a fairy, but I think next time I’ll try the hound dog, just to see if it makes any difference.  I felt that I was wasting pulls on stuff like Jrs (and maybe cheese) during the run. For starters, I used Kung-fu, with the frosty halo for the entire run, and THAT worked out wonderfully. The Jr was largely wasted because I had plenty of +item for quest drops, but I didn’t have enough room for most of the stuff I wanted to use.  I also pulled space trip headphones and some other stuff that I only ended up using once.

I also had a hard time dealing with the plants from the ITOM. I’ve seen a few solutions to the problem (which seems to be very common); most people are adding links to their top pane or at the end of combat to manage plants. I’d like to get a script working that will 1) read a file listing the locations of where I want each plant planted 2) automatically plant it after I spend a turn in that zone.
I’ve already started working on the script, and I’m running into the same problems I always do. For starters, mafia is terrible with arbitrary long arrays, and I naturally want to toss everything in an array or varying length.  I’m also not sure what will happen in a few edge cases. Such as, what happens when you go to plant the same plant in the same zone that you did yesterday? If I just submit the link, does it overwrite the old plant and burn a charge? I’m not really sure how to check if a zone has plants, maybe by hitting the scheduler at login, recording those to … something and exuding those from the zone check?
I’m assuming that you wont want to change plants in a zone between days, but I suppose it might be possible. Oh, also, I can see that it might be a major drawback to plant a plant (the +30 ML one, for example) in the first zone on the list you visit, because you might want to have the hidden temple planted, but only after you use the plant in another zone (the cranny for instance) on day 1. Logically, you get the most benefit from planting them as soon as possible (early stats are better than late stats from combat), but there is a zoning meta-game on the high end of playing. I suppose it’d be easy to add a “speedrun” flag somewhere that when triggered would supplement the routine with planting with a dialogue confirming that you are going to plant. Ideally, I’d like it to be as hands free as possible. I want to set up a text file with the plants in each zone once, and never have to touch it again.

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First thoughts on BIG

Big, of course, being summer challenge path of 2013.

The only restrictions are that you have no level restrictions (start at level 15), the enemies are a stronger, and free runaways aren’t free. Which means 1) powerleveling is unnecessary 2) +exp stuff is irreverent 3) +fam weight and +ML isn’t as important. I actually only need to win a few combats, so stuff that helps in combat (like +HP, +weapon damage, etc) are no longer a big deal. Which means that Crown of thrones, boris helmet, putty hat, etc are no longer worth a pull. Neither is the juju mask (but v-mask is for the extra turns, maybe). Stinky cheese is good, and so is a bunch of stuff that gives +item. Since MP is mostly going toward Combat modifiers, and maybe sometimes +item or +ML, it doesn’t make sense to pull anything explicitly for MP. I mean, I’ll still want +ML for the tavern and the crypt, but it won’t be a big thing.

So I’ll have  lot of free equipment slots. I can’t think of any  reason not to use kung-fu hustler, since it’s basically free +item. The hat could be the bounty hunter’s hat or CoT with a +item enchantment.I’m thinking that I don’t need a hat. I think GAP is still worthwhile, because of the level 9 quest and the +item buff. I won’t be able to use it for the f”c’le, but it’ll be nice for stuff like the filthworms, tomb rats and … stuff. Juju mask might be pulled for the tower (on the last day). Carny buttons/stainless scarfs are probably no longer worth a pull, which means I could be pulling Mr Jr(s). I could easily pull both the ring of conflict and the silent beret and/or spacetrip headphones.

Turngen on a two day run could be mostly Huge pumpkins (for pumpkin beer), key lime pies, AEDs and either hobo lord food, fudge bunnies or isotope food to fill in the gaps. Powerleveling usually takes about 30-60 turns, so runs will certainly be shorter, with fewer equipment pulls.

Accordion thieves get to use the level 15 hobo songs, which amounts to about +20% item, +50% meat, some prismatic damage, some boost to critical chance and a 50% bonus to spell damage and +10 lbs familiar weight. Which sounds nice, but isn’t super overpowering.  the fam weight and meat bonus might save a turn on the nuns, the +item stuff might amount to a few turns (2-3) saved over the course of the run and the prismatic damage wont even be enough to pass the cellar tests.  To be honest, I’d be much more comfortable with a sauceror, getting spalashbacks.

So far, I think the best set up would be:
hat: none/silent beret
weapon/off-hand: none (kung-fu)
back: none
pants: Cheese diaper/ GAP
acc1: Mr A Jr
acc2: RoC/cheese eye
acc3: hmm… +item halo? / spacetrip headphones?/ imp unity ring?/ ???

Slimeling would be good, and maybe the little box of fireworks or the pet sweater would be good too. Astral mask would be another option. I could go Spangly scarecrow for item, rogue program for MP, and happy medium for drinks. A double weight fairy is a +45% boost over a regular familiar , which seems really hard to beat.

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pants spading!

I was super lazy about this, and tbh, not totally thorough about some of the pants.

Scalemail underwear – 2x-2.5x volley. volley types are kinda tough to nail down very precisely. 2x is pretty good for uncapped, although you’ll only be getting up to 35 lbs during a run, so you’ll get at most a 70 lb volley (+8.3 exp). Double ice britches are a little better because they’re 3x Leprechaun and 3x volley and helps in combat, although capped at 17lbs (+7.14 exp, +200% meat).

Greaves of the Murk Lord – 1x barnacle, capped at 30. It seems a little strange that they don’t have a second power, and 1x barnacle is kinda disappointing.

Jodhpurs of Violence – 1x potato, 1 to 1.5x damage (physical). testing the potato functionality of an attacking familiar was sort of a trick; I had to use ghosts to test it.

Gladiator tailpiece – 1x barnacle, >1x fairy. Like I said earlier, I was super lazy about these.  I got my fat (45lb) pantsrack to fight some bookbats near the threshold for a 1x 45lb fairy. Tattered scraps were observed to drop for 3+ combats, so it’s probably true. It could easily be a 1.5x fairy, or I could have lucked out with a .5x fairy. It needs more testing.

Scholar tailpiece – 1.5x barnacle, >1x fairy. I think it’s weird that the scholar outfit is a better barnacle than the gladiator pants. I also did the same lazy-ish spading for the scholar tailpiece that I did for the gladiator tailpiece, so it also needs more spading.

It’s a little weird that neither of the tailpieces attack and the base material (sea chaps) do. I really need to pin down the +item on them, because they’re relevant to farming. If they were 1.5x fairies for instance, they’d beat the pants off most things (except maybe the spangly pants on the pantsrack, ironically). I have a suspension that they are boring 1x fairies.

I still need to spade:

  • Pantaloons of Hatred
  • Jeans of Loathing

and then I’ll be done, I think. It’s kind of hard to track what isn’t on wiki’s scarecrow page, and not a lot of people are updating stuff. It’s a lot easier to work on something that is listed, but doesn’t have any values,  than it is to figure out that something isn’t on the page.

I’m not really in a rush to spade those things because they’d have to be pulls, and they’d have to be amazing for a pull. We’re talking uncapped >2x fairy, >4x volley, or >1.5x leprechaun. And I just can’t see that happening.

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Violent vestments down, 2/6ths of the way to the next thing

Got the last part of the vestments the other day, and started working on the Hatred outfit. I’m also getting super burned out.

For starters, day 3 is super stressful because I have to play like, 180 adventures using only the turns I banked from the day before. Then I have to break prism, eat sushi and play like, 180 more turns, at least half of those in the sea. After THAT, I have to check to make sure that I have the things I need for the next run (pies, stew, etc) and start a day 1 and play like, 180 more adventures. So that’s one day with 500+ turns. At least I only have to play like, 180 turns on day 2. Today’s blog brought to you by the number 180.

So it’s a lot of turns, and its’ not really much in the way of reward. Sure, there’s bragging rights, but I figure in a month no one is going to care. What i’d like to do is take a little break from ascension stuff. I think I’ll take some time off and meat farm or something. The sea seems really profitable, but it’s time consuming keeping an eye on dolphins; if you forgo the dolphin ‘bonus’ then the sea isn’t much better than the castle or whatever.

Another thing, is that ascension is getting super repetitive. All of my runs have been with 40 turns of each other (which is just RNG swing). The leaderboards are super lame right now too, since everyone is doing Avatar of Jarlsberg right now instead of no-path. Or they’re doing casuals because they want the bragging rights. Kingdom of bragging about yourself.

So I was thinking of trying to spice up ascension. I could totally try new tactics using different familiars (I really only use like, 5-6). For example I could try a run where the Emilio is my primary stat familiar. But this doesn’t seem all that interesting, since it’d just work out to 5-10 more turns spent power leveling. I’ve been trying different loadouts, sort of – sometimes I try the boris hat instead of the CoT, or I’ll pull the jarlsberg pan for myst class. But it’s sort of like the familiar problem, because if I’m not using the best thing, I’m spending turns somewhere making up the deficits.

I added some stuff to my char pane to remind me what I have in the CoT and a link to fold the jarlsberg pan. I also added some stuff to the topmenu to remind myself which keys I got that day (topmenu doesn’t update very often, char pane updates every round/adventure). My silly little counter script for the Cozy weapons was 1) erroneous 2) redundant. Mafia already had the feature built it (but it’s on a lifetime counter instead of a daily counter, which  I suspect it truly is) and it would count non-combats and combats that I run away from, and KOL doesn’t count those things. I cant totally make a workable script to reset those values though.

Another thing. The final form of the sea outfit isn’t as good as the hodg outfit for farming. Full hodg (sock + outfit + hamster) is +150% meat, +75% item with some nice mp regen thrown in. Full Clothing of Loathing is +128% meat, +64% item with a bonus buff to stats. Furthermore, the Clothing takes up seven slots (hat, weapon, off-hand, pants and 3 accessories) whereas the Hodg suit takes up 5 slots (hat, off-hand, pants  and 2 accessories). So you come up with 2 free slots and more meat/items.

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5/6th of the way to Violent Vestments

I think I have a pretty good handle on the new(ish) sea stuff. I’m able to get to down to about 70 turns if I have decent luck getting the non-combats to show. I still have to do the accordion thief run for the sea, and then I have to figure out the other path. Or figure out if I want to re-do the path I just did. I mean, I want all 3 of the outfits, even if they don’t do anything, so I’m going to have to do it eventually.

Another interesting development is that my normal runs are making the mainboard. I’m getting about a 20 turn variance, so my median speed is 3/520, but I also have a 3/497 and a 3/540. Because I’m not eating or drinking on day 3 (to make room for sushi and sake), I’ve been taking the Astral Energy drinks. I’ve also been using the Cheese foldable, even though it’s a pain to use. I have to keep it equipped  and I want it as a cheese eye for the +item sometimes, but other times when I’m just looking for non-combats, I have to figure out if I want it as a weapon or pants, and it’s the going back and forth that I dislike.

So my runs have become a weird hybrid of trying to generate as many turns as I possibly can and cutting as many turns as I possibly can. I can’t do stuff like use wads for stats because my spleen is pretty full. I can’t pull a lot of rollover gear, because I don’t have the space for it.

Like I said earlier, the sea stuff is getting pretty easy once I figured out what I should be doing. Here are my steps:
0) untinker the makeshift scuba gear and talk to the old man to get the old scuba gear
1) re-make the makeshif scuba gear, and dress up in non-combat (sneakmask, Ring of Conflict, space trip, ballroom song, sonata, smooth movements)
2) use the fishy pipe
3) adventure in the octopuses garden, sniffing the thing that drops the pellet. Use sea lassos, Cozy weapons and down to 50% free runaways on the GAP.
4) once the kid is free, go to the wreck, save his brother, again using the sea lasso and Cozy weapons and freeruns.
5) save the kid’s grandpa, still with non-combat
6) The grandma is tricky because you have to talk to grandpa about grandma every non-combat (basically)
7) once grandma is saved, boost +item, and sniff the merkin at the outpost that is your uh, archetype until the key drops.
8) go back to non-combats until you get the tent non-combat tree, and go in your archetype’s tent. It seems like it’s always the 2nd option, but maybe it’s class specific? or random?
9) Talk to little brother to get Big brother to sell you the glass.
10) in the abyss, sniff the School of many. boost Crit rate and use a blue taffy. then just keep attacking with the merkin gladiator weapons. (usually average a little bit better than 1 crit per 2 rounds)
11) tame a seahorse. These guys are out of the queue somehow (maybe every 20 turns, or maybe based on +init or +combat?)
12) go to the gladiators. They go in order of Ball -> Net -> Blade -> Ball (etc). Each one has “round #” + 100, and the attack/defense scales the same way.
13) final boss: funksling crayon shavings for a few rounds, hit him with brimstone. Pretty easy when you delevel him, slightly harder when you don’t.

All in all, it costs about 100k to get it done, with most of the budget spent on sea lassos and sea cowbells. The sea cozy stuff recharges at rollover, so I added some kinda janky countering system to track the turns I spend with it. It counts non-combat and free runs, so it’s not accurate, but it’s better than nothing.

It seems like a few people have decided to chain casual ascensions to get the gear quickly, which is fine,  I guess. I don’t really see an advantage to getting it earlier rather than later, because none of it is usable in run, and the off-stat items aren’t usable until way late anyway. It’s more like “just something to get in aftercore” rather than “you need this to ascend (like the telescope or olfaction)”.

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Math on wardrobed robot

It appears that it would be a poor farming familiar.

Out of the current roster of familiars, 162 are possible in the wardrobe. There are 23 full weight Leprechaun types, and 29 Fairy types. Furthermore, there are 3 cocoabo types, 8 full whelp types and 7 starfish types. I expect the robot to be 115 lbs, so I should expect to see an average of +58.84 % meat, +43.07 % item, and approximately 10.3 MP per round.

This corresponds to a 10 lb lep, a 16 lb fairy, and a 10 lb whelp. I can also expect about 2 extra substats per fight from the volley types. In 350 turns, I’ll see each familiar about twice, so I’ll have 4 combats with the OAF/Black Cat I’ll also have a very small shot at getting spleen/content familiar drops (like 1 every other day, maybe).

Compared to running a 75lb  lep 90% of the time and a starfish type the other 10%, I’d have an average of 245% meat, and get an average of 20 MP per turn. I can’t explain how I ended up with so much meat on the 100% robot run so I’m going to dedicate a day of farming to use the wardrobe and compare it to my usual setup. The macro will extend combat to at least round 10 for the cocoabo/starfish types unless a Black Cat or OAF are rolled (then macro will abort). I’ll use the normal buffs and diet I usually use, so it’ll be interesting to see how it compares. I assume if the wardrobe on a heavy familiar was any good, people with mimics would have been doing this long ago.

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Sea stuff, me stuff

New sea stuff rolled out recently, and it looks interesting. Nothing “must have”, but good on the order of brimstone and plexi gear. it’s totally for aftercore too, so no one needs to feel rushed to get it.

I also published the Mr Currency charpane script to the kol mafia forums. 7 people downloaded the script, ~60 looked at my post. no one said anything about it. And it’s sort of like, “why bother?”.  Maybe it sucks. Whatever thoughts I had about top pane override (the neat one with moon data, using javascript) are gone. No one is going to use it, and only a handful of people will even bother looking at it!

Another interesting thing. I was about 40 turns and 20 pulls away from accidentally doing a 2 day run. 20 pulls is a lot, but I think if I focus just a little more on turn gen (get the Astral Energy Drinks instead of the Hotdogs), and am a little more aggressive with clovers and non-combat potions, I might be able to pull it off with favorable luck. Part of me doesn’t care about 2 day runs anymore, because they’ve been so stressful in the past, and the other part of me thinks it’d be cool to just DO them.

I’m doing a 100% snowflake run, in classy, as a seal clubber right now. If I don’t gouge my eyes out from all the “fun” I’m having, I should give some thought to the next run. I’d like to slowly start working toward the sea stuff, so maybe I should be a turtle tamer next? It feels like I just DID a turtle tamer run, and all the muscle classes play the same, so I don’t really want to.

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