Classy 2: revenge of Doh and What I did at summer camp…

I definitely lost interest after Big. The game maybe got too easy? It’s like when you’re playing with cheat codes and suddenly you find yourself going, “Why am I even playing this game?”. Big was like that for me. I sorta just screwed around after that. There was a BM kittycore contest (I got like, 3rd place), a few regular SCNP runs, and then the class revamps. The 6 class revamps led to the winter challenge path, a rehash of class act, but with some major changes.

And in the same vein as Big, Class Act 2 was too easy. With Class Act 2, all stat gains from fights are doubled, and stats from non-combats are halved. Furthermore, monster level has tiered penalties, which add increasing difficulty to the fight. However, with the stat gain tweak, there isn’t much need to run that much +monster level. You want a little, but with +50 or so, and doing the quests efficiently, you have a stat deficit of around 500, or 5 sewer monsters of powerleveling (sewer leveling is back).  It really just removes the choice of +ML.
It’s further abusable by crap like 20% GAP runaways, since levels 11 and 12 are so combat heavy, you can just use 20% gap runaways on all the non-combats in level 11, while still gaining enough stats to reach level 13 by the time you’re doing with level 12.

I would really like a challenge path that has 1) more difficult combats 2) more complex gameplay. Bugbears was really great in both of these regards, except it wasn’t very obvious what you had to do, so you also had to spade out quite a bit of stuff. Which was boring and stupid. Bees was this way too, but it wasn’t fair to poorer, newer players that didn’t have all the stuff. It’s certainly an aspect to competitive no-path play, but in bees, sometimes the newer, cheaper substitutes just didn’t cut it.   Bees also wasn’t complex in an interesting way, it was in a trivial “just don’t pull things with “b” in the name, stupid” sort of way.

Oh, Crimbo also happened, and I made piles of boring meat. My strategy of sell stuff as soon as I could get it paid off. Crimbo currency on day 1 was like 7k, and by the end it was down to 400.  It was really interesting because the stuff you bought with the crimbo currency wasn’t useful for anything else but generating some very specific stuff to help fight the monsters. The good stuff from crimbo came in the form of scheduled drops (every 11th monster), which were like lotto tickets, giving a random (but weighted) prize. There was a very limited, rare and non-functioning item that caused all of the other drops in the prize pool to become very affordable, because everyone wanted this thing. It was a strange economic situation. It created demand for the lotto tickets, but not for the thing you get from the ticket. If it was more like an arcade counter where you could simply pick your prize, there would hoarding of whatever was “the best” and the second  choice items wouldn’t be bought. or everyone would be saving up for the rare item and no one would get anything else.

Ketchup monger, my multi, is slowly gaining levels. I’ve gotten up to 110 over the past few months in the game info dungeon. I’ve experimented with shoring, which gives roughly 50% more stats, but is 100% more boring. I can generate ~100k after food in the daily pro dungeon, and break even running turns at the shore (so meat isn’t a consideration). I can’t use the brindle stocking at the shore either.


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