Big is about half way over.

I’ve done 10 SCBig runs, 6 of which were 2 days, 4 of which were 3 days. My highest turncount is 606 (the run that I spent getting the florist to work right). My lowest turncount is 491. Both of those occurred on 3 day runs. My fastest overall is 2/512, as a disco bandit (under the canidian “Platypus” moonsign).

On the leaderboard, the lowest turncount is 440, and the highest is 529. The median is 492. Silvers start at 464. The mean isn’t interesting because the shape of the curve isn’t Gaussian,  but rather Poisson, and wont tell you were the majority of leaderboard spots are centered around.

It really breaks down to quest optimization, and possibly pulls. +stats and runaways are irreverent, so is turn gen. it’s mostly just a matter of 1)combat frequency modifiers 2) +item drops, and both of those things can be hard capped.
I guess in a broader sense, runaways and +stats can be maxed in SCNP, and the broader implications of a reduced playing space aren’t as obvious.

On a personal note, I have started meat farming again.
I feel like I’ve been doing this a lot this year,and I guess I kinda have. I made the start up a little easier by writing a bit into my startup script to eat/drink/spleen and do some basic stuff like breakfast and change. I’m still running the turns in mafia, albeit by going “adv 400 peak”. it’s an easy step, and I like charging the cheese up between login and playing turns (which isn’t easy to script).
I don’t have a goal for meat farming, like “meat farm up a Mr A” or “meat farm up a hand turkey”, it’s just, I don’t want to ascend. I don’t care if I still have 9 more outfit parts to get from the sea bosses, and I don’t care that I don’t have the fastest Big run.

The last goal that I really set for myself was to do a 2 day bugbear run. And I did. setting a goal of spending time farming for a UR isn’t a goal in the same sense, because the bugbear run required more planning than “spend time in a zone with a UR”. I don’t think I’m getting burnt out, so much as bored.
And maybe that’s fine.


About deadned

I whistle past graveyards. I've sold the ranch, bought the farm.
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