little Canadia

I finally got all three versions of the canadia quest rewards today.

It really seems like the bokken is the best, since the weapon damage is pretty big for a 1 handed weapon. The bow and staff are both kinda meh, because they are 2 handed, and the enchantments are only slightly better than what you find lying on the ground. I’d like to see the staff get upgraded to a chefstaff at some point, especially since you can get more +spell damage from the cookbooks in the guild store.

Also, it seems like there is a flat delay before the non-combats show up in the swamp. And once they show up, they show up really quickly. It was clearly not designed to be used in the speed game, although with the rewards the way they are, they probably wouldn’t have been anyway. It’s really hard to get excited about weapon damage, or damage against ghosts, when you already have combat figured out. I think it’s neat that players without a lot of perms have an additional option, even it’s going to cost them 50+ turns.

I’m not really sure what goals to pursue. I kinda don’t want to spend any more time ascending, so I guess I can just meat farm for a bit. I also have the option of hobo stuff or maybe even slimetube stuff, I guess. I like that I can run whatever familiar I want in hobopolis and still get a good meat per adventure, but I dislike having to wait for the consumables to sell in the mall.
Or maybe it’s time to farm up an ultra-rare?


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