personal best, groups and groups, towerkilling without the juju

I cut a turn off my previous best (from 526 to 525). the kicker is that I did the 526 under the knoll moon sign (the preferred zodiac for speed) and I did the 525 under the Platypus, which is the worst sign for speed. Another difference was the 526 was a DB with pickpocket and disco combos and the 525 was a seal clubber run without any innate speed bonuses. it was pure RNG.

The new run doesn’t have any effect on my board position. I still haven’t done a “real” run. all the runs so far have been “eh, whatever” and me making the decision at the start of the war if I want it to go two or three days.

Part of that is unwillingness to do some of the extra fiddly stuff like use the angel and goth kid to their full extent. I also don’t want to deal with Jack-in-the-box zone switching, because while it saves turns, it takes way more time than I’m willing to spend. I haven’t really sat down and thought about pulls so far either. My current runs have been kinda tight, but I’ve been pulling a lot of fluff. Also, my whatever runs indicate that I should  spending a lot of time with a leprechaun, and a lot of time with a fairy, and that not many other familiars are super important (aside from the angel and goth kid, of course). Hound dog is perfectly fine, but so are the 1x familiars (slimeling, fairy-lep, etc). Scarecrow is okay too, but considering there are so many chances to run a fairy for extra fam xp, it’s actually kind of unnecessary.  I’d like to try the mutant ant when the moons are right.

I’ve been ending up with extra copies on my runs, so there is probably some room for improvement there too. Because most of the zones are available from the start, it’s considerably easier to manage olfaction and easier to forget about copying.

So far, I’ve reached the conclusion that Big isn’t the death of no-path. Here’s how I figure it.
For starters, there are only really 3 groups of players.

Group 1: is primarily the players who have all of the skills and are playing the game for prestige. They want the commendations, the fame or the pride of having “fast” runs. Or are the people who are trying to do fast runs. I feel this group is pretty small, perhaps 100 active players.
Group 2: Contains all of the players who are doing challenge paths and runs for skill points. Some of this group is in the first group as well.
Group 3: Are the casuals. They don’t care about how many valhalla skill points they get for doing a run, and do whatever they feel is fun even if that is run after run of 100% BM black cat, or a pointless (ha ha, get it?) casual run.

The important thing to note is that group 2 is a transient group. There is a limit to how much valhalla karma you can get before you get all the skills (and run out of things to perm). At that point you either have to decide that you enjoy playing the game for what it is (and no longer care about the the numbers next to the paths in valhalla) or you enjoy vying for fame (and no longer care about the numbers next to the paths in valhalla).
So there is only one group that benefits from easier to get karma, and that is the low skill, transient 2nd group.

I think it’s perfectly fine that newer players can accumulate skills faster either by playing Big or whatever the new path is. I personally don’t find the skill grind to be fun, because as group 1 and 3 will point out, getting skills isn’t the game.

Another thing I was thinking of: killing tower monsters without the juju mask. Tower monsters have 100,000 HP, and if you consider that round 1 is throwing blue-balls and finger cuffs, you really only have 29 rounds to kill the beast. I’m assuming that you have Dalmatian running, and that you have GAP Skill active too. Using a green lantern doubles the output of each blast of a hobo spell as well as the attack from Dalmatian. Furthermore, since rounds 2 and 3 combine to make an attack with 3 blasts, lets assume for simplicity that you actually have 28 rounds with 4 attacks each. How much +%spell damage is needed?
Each blast only needs to do 892 damage, or 447 before the lantern.
At buffed myst of 600, we’re doing 250 damage base, so we only need +80% spell damage. pool buff gives +50%, cheese staff is +50%. Wizard shack offers +150%, and the 37x puzzle cube offers +25%. Clip art offers a food and a booze 1 fullness item that increases damage by 100%.  Assuming that I didn’t pull the cheese staff, I would only need +8 spell damage to compensate. I usually end up with lots of feistier resolutions(+20), the black market offers +10 damage (and +10% myst), there is flavour (+10) , jackass (+12) and in a pinch I could make a papaya potion (+10).
It looks like the minimum set of things I need to tower kill are: GAP, Dalmatian, VIP, scarecrow, hobo spell, rain-doh and I guess Inigos for the myst boost. Probably a single game grid token for safety, although it should doable otherwise. And it might only be viable for a myst class, because of need for a high myst stat. Actually, every 3 myst stat points is equivalent to ~+1 spell damage.

If you were going the juju mask route, you’d still be pulling rain-doh and GAP, and would also be using the scarecrow. The trade off would be casting inigos and dalmatian instead of pulling the mask. I don’t think the mana is really an issue since you could do the nuns as a frat at use that to supply the ~2k mana you need to towerkill.

edit: I tried towerkilling at the end of my sauceror run, and it worked great. I underestimated my numbers by a long shot though. Firstly, I was able to get about 750 in my myst stat. I was also able to get ~+100 spell damage as well as a bonus 180%. So each of my base hits was about 1k damage, and I was finishing the fight in about 15 rounds. That was actually much quicker than the juju method, and somewhat more reliable since the trickster gaze floors at 1/8 chance per round.


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