Forest friar dot ash

I finally finished the forest friar mafia script, and I’m super happy about it.

It turned out that if I didn’t bother with fancy map_to_files and java arrays, I could do it quite simply. Right now, the script is about 30 lines of code and 50 lines of comments. It does this:
0) debug option
0.5) if debug is turned on, it’ll print out the name of your location
1) it checks your current location to your previous location. if you changed zones, it’ll go to the next step, otherwise it’ll end
2) the location value is used to determine which plants you want in the zone. visiting a location on the list results in a call to the planting function.
3) planting is super simple. each plant has a unique value, so it’s as simple as giving the right URL to KOL.
4) after planting, the location is saved for comparison next turn.

Because each plant has a unique number, but because humans are terrible at understanding that the number 4 in this particular context really means “use a plant that delevels at the start of combat for Outdoor zones”, I have 45 lines of comments (one for each plant, 4 more for each zone type, and a few spaces for style). As a result, it’s not very simple for someone to set up. Also, there is no error checking and no checking that you’re requesting the correct plant to be planted in the right environment.

I think it’d be neat if there was a way to look at the current plants in each zone though the watering schedule and generate an ash script based on that. But I cant figure out how to write to a file in mafia that isn’t a text file. It’ll either automatically add “.txt”  or start formatting the file weird.  Also, it’d be weird to have your aftercore farming zones queued up next to your ascending zones. So because it’s hard to set up, and because it’s probably not going to be useful to many people, I probably won’t be sharing it. Which is too bad, because it’s really neat. I just don’t want to do tech support or deal with user issues.

Edit: and of course, because there is no error checking, I get my zones mixed up and it doesn’t work sometimes. Maybe I can write a script to check the zones on the wiki so I don’t have to figure it out while I’m ascending? Maybe even correct it and output it in red? to signal that it needs fixed?


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