Big 40

I finished the clothing of loathing outfit today; I got the outfit after 6 weeks of ascending (april 20th to may 31st, a cool 40 days). I want to swing back and pick up the other two incidental outfits. The fuzzy slippers are quite nice, and so are the ass-stompers and chefstaff.

The final boss wasn’t that difficult. It wasn’t even difficult compared to the other two bosses since you were so limited in what you could do. For starters, you had to wear a specific outfit, so there was very little in the way of variation. buffs were stripped,  combat items were disabled, and there isn’t much else to do besides cast hobo spells. The fight wasn’t really that interesting.

There is the issue of the star spawn buddy. apparently, after 300 combats the dude gives you 1000 in each stat, multiplied by whatever percentage bonuses you have running (moons, shower, etc). So at base, it works out to an equivalent 44 lb volley that gives you mana and attacks during combats. However, the issue is that those stats are way delayed. Turn 300 on a normal 500ish turn run is around level 10, so you have to do more early powerleveling, which is ineffective because powerleveling scales to your stats (most of the time, not cave bars). It’d be really sweet for something like bad moon, but then again, a normal cocobo is great for bad moon too.
So I’m struggling to see myself using it for anything but a 100% run. And that’s fine, really. I have enough familiars to juggle and don’t want to add another one. It’d be nice if it had some use though, as in “oh, this would be great for aftercore”, “this would be really nice for fighting really tough monsters” or something. I guess it would be okay for paths where you need stats and mana, but don’t need items? or if you’re a newer player without nice items and don’t care about going fast?

In other news, Big runs are going very well. I’m having a difficult time finding worthwhile stuff to pull, so last run I think I just pulled Cheese, juju mask and a RoC (plus rain-doh). Made a demon-skin jacket to tune sauce spells and ran jackass +spheres the entire time to get splashbacks. It was pretty cool.
This run, a disco bandit, I gave up on kung-fu and pulled the Space Tourist Phaser and space trip headphones. One nice thing about Big is that since stats don’t matter, it doesn’t matter if I choose a moonsign that corresponds to my mainstat.
Update-to-add: DB finished personal fastest 2/526, I don’t understand since I didn’t try very hard. I ran polka and a fairy-lep for 70% of the run, and finished with 70k meat. I was planning on a 3 day, but I got to the war and realized that I was going to be ~30 turns away from the end so I used borrowed time and drank a generator (instead of some crappier booze). I’d really like to beat 2/500 (even if I don’t get a commendation) this season, so I need to start thinking about how to best order the zones, figuring out pulls and … stuff.


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