Big deal

I have 2 more parts of the Hatred outfit to pick up, and then I can finally get the pocket square. My only runs left are Pastamancer and Accordion Thief.

The belt of loathing looks pretty good. The belt gives +10 familiar weight in an accessory slot, which was previously populated by junk that gave +2 or +3 fam weight, so it’s relatively interesting jump in power.

I’ve already started the pastamancer run. With any luck I’ll make it to day 3 without eating much and be able to do the sea on the same day as breaking the prism. My  last two runs were 2 day runs, so I’d like to take this one a little slower. I like that in Big you don’t need to powerlevel, but getting all the quests at once is a little overwhelming. I know that I should be setting the ballroom song quickly, but I also need to open the knob so I can get the kitchen SR. I also need to group all of my -combat stuff together for when I get the swimming pool buff, and sometimes stuff isn’t unlocked.

I need to plan out a run that I can be happy about. Ideally, it wouldn’t involve pulling anything more expensive than a few wrecked generators, some pies and maybe a mojo filter, but idk. I have a lot of options open up when I’m not compelled to use a volley type or even pick the corresponding stat zodiac sign. For example, it would be perfectly okay to run the hobo monkey in place of the volley so I can maybe save a turn or two at the nuns. I can also do weird stuff like put the hound in crown of thrones for slightly extra familiar exp.
I’d really love to get my time down to ~2/500. Borrowed time, plus 2 rollovers is 100, so I just need to generate 400 turns between AEDS (99), KLPs (114), maybe some quiche (13) and fortune cookies (6).  168 need to be generated from booze, or ~140 over both days if you exclude the nightcap (works out neatly to 4 wrecked generators), and leaves a little wiggle room for the blessed box drunkeness and some extra turns from filler (probably 20ish).

In my last two runs I’ve been using pickle juice and instant karma to squeeze out extra turns (four times the price, 1.5x  the turns). Also, my 2nd Big run was faster than my fastest SCNP run. I’m not really surprised.

Should a challenge path be faster than the base game? Does it really matter? Personally, I feel that jick took out the two parts of the game that no one likes (level requirements and stats) and free runaways (which are sort of overpowered) to make the game more enjoyable. It does feel like less of a game though, which is weird. My gut is saying this is a bad thing, but I can’t figure out why – no one has been seriously doing no-path for years.


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